Friday, September 25, 2009


I walked for 8km down streets of dirt and broken cement. When you can find a steep enough hill, you can see the coastline - an ocean cresting into an expanse of whitewashed homes and stone minarets. The original plan was to stay in my hotel room, sleep, read and recuperate from my time in Spain (and a vicious two-day hangover). But lord knows I'm not the type to splurge for air conditioning, and here's a shocker: Africa is really hot. [Note: To be honest, most backpackers are quick to point out that Morocco is not "Real Africa". Probably fair.]

The city is visibly poor, but populated with very happy people. I walked all that way totally unharassed by shills or beggars. Though that may be have been because I was the only foreigner that I saw all afternoon. School had apparently just gotten out (2pm) because children ran, weaving and screaming, kicking soccer balls between taxis and pedi-carts. I gesticulated my way through a €1.20 purchase of olives, cheese and bread. Some kind of mango pulp/yogurt drink set me back another €0.40.

I like it here. Glad I only have a day, but happy to have seen it. I'll be on a train to Casablanca first thing tomorrow. I have no idea how much it will cost or how long it will take. $12 and six hours are my guesses. The route never deviates the coastline though - so I think I'll be happy with half a day in a right-hand window seat.


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