Friday, September 18, 2009


I'll keep this one brief since I haven't really seen anything yet.

I managed to pack pretty much everything I own into the two backpacks I brought, but they are heavy. Like 30 kilos heavy. I'd need to look up how many pounds that is, but I can say authoritatively that it's enough to make for an uncomfortably ponderous hike through needlessly expansive Canadian airports. (Seriously... Toronto; like 5 miles long, no people in it).

So, even without the sleep that any normal person would have gotten on the plane, and all the gratuitous exercise, I'm really happy to finally be here. It's nice to know I'm actually doing something again. Going somewhere.

Also, Madrid is gorgeous. I dropped my stuff and walked for about as far as my legs would allow and everything, in every direction, is beautiful. I'm right in the middle of the city next to some large buildings that I should know the names of. But I don't yet, so more on that later.


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