Thursday, July 30, 2009

Title of My First Post

I’ve probably told most of the people I know this already: I’m moving to Morocco in September. (The one at the very top of Africa, right below Spain and next to Algeria)…

I’ll probably be there for a long time, so I’ll be writing updates for this page. Hopefully that will mollify your collective grief at having me so far away.

I am going to Morocco for three reasons:

  1. I have a job there. It’s an outfit out of DC called Amideast that does educational outreach stuff. I’ll mostly be teaching and telling kids (a year or two younger than I am) how awesome studying in America is.
  2. I need a tan. My skin is like an opaque window for my internal organs. Medical doctors and priests agree that it is “nauseating” and “unholy”. Pretty much everyone in Africa has an awesome tan.
  3. Broader career plans call for a working knowledge of the unfortunately titled ‘Super Critical Languages’. I super chose Arabic.

Updates will come as often as I can think of something interesting to say, and for a duration not to exceed my attention span for this sort of thing*.

*Not very long