Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Granada Wins

Madrid is a party, Seville is gorgeous, but Granada has swept in for the overall win. As wonderful as Madrid and Seville are, they're a bit sterile. Everything is wheelchair accessible. Tourists snap enough pictures to compile a real time stream of information to rival London's CC camera system. Elderly Americans ride around in horse-drawn carriages like they're taking in the sights at Moorish Disney.

Granada feels like the city on the approach to an ancient fortress. What makes that feeling particularly refreshing is that the city is exactly that. Claustrophobically narrow cobblestone streets, steep ascents, vantage points that make you feel like you're on defensive overwatch. And above it all; Alhambra - The Red Fortress. Granada is a working military outpost, overrun by Bohemia. Dreadlocked Spaniards wander the streets in their cheesecloth European parachute pants. Food and drink are cheap (the free tapas with every beer tradition that I've mentioned before is very much alive here). University students sit and read on every flat surface.

The city feels like more of a home, less like a tourist trap. I could imagine living here.

There's a lot more I could write... People live in caves outside the city limits. Alhambra and the cathedral are amazing. Expat 20-somethings make incredible lives for themselves here. My hostel feels like a North African version of The Beach. I'll catch up on it later when I can upload some photos.

Again, the only negative is knowing that I have to leave soon.


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