Friday, November 13, 2009

What it's all about...

So I've got a little over three weeks off, starting in December and running a little past New Years. It's not a lot of time, especially given how much of this area I want to see, but it's enough to do a little reconnaissance. Three weeks really isn’t the sort of timeframe I’d want for a trip of this size – I won’t be able to fall in love with little villages along the way and put my feet up for a day or two – but it will be enough to give my brain a lay of the land.

Most of my interest lies in the south of the country. Less European influence, better nature and fewer tourists make that a pretty easy call. So I’m working on a circuit (having to double back on the same route is such a waste) that will hit the highlights and give me an idea of the places I should go back to and spend extra time.

Here’s what I’m working with so far. Looking at it makes me deliriously happy – almost to the point of giggling:

View Morocco: Southern Loop '09 in a larger map

Click to blow it up.

My roommate, Anthony is probably coming along. Anyone else for a little vacation?


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