Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've spent some time over the last few days camera shopping at the local flea markets (early Christmas present - thanks family!). The markets are arranged like any number of similar enterprises in a developing country. Separate stalls, usually roughly specialized to offer products of one type: Consumer electronics in one, DVDs in another, clothes and shoes in another. There's wasn't really any foresight given to the layout of the market as a whole, so you're left to kind of wander from one aisle to the next, looking for the next camera stall. (Though to be fair, there might be a Vegas-esque element of 'let the customer get lost as hell and take their time getting out' to it).

If you ask to try one of the cameras, the proprietor will helpfully pop in a battery and memory card so you can snap off a couple of test shots. If you're buying used, it's nice to be able to test the exact camera you'll be buying. Some of the older pictures on the memory cards are a little odd though. If you scroll back far enough - past the crappy test shots of the adjacent pants merchant - most of the pictures are of smiling light-skinned families standing in front of The Prado or out on safari in Saharan Africa.

Maybe there's a separate classical art and zebra section of the market that I missed.

Anyway, more pictures forthcoming I hope.


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