Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Photos Posted

Back in Casablanca. Nice to be in my own bed again.

Here are two albums I just uploaded to Facebook. Excuse the artsy stuff -- I'm still in kid-in-a-candystore mode with my new camera. You should be able to look through these without having (or without singing into) a Facebook account. Comments and such enabled once you've signed in.

Imperial Cities: Meknes, Fes, Marrakesh
Sahara: Merzouga and the Algerian border


TravelRN said...

Hey, Patrick. Jess and I are really impressed with your photos. They are excellent, really great. Makes me want to go back to Morocco again. Keep taking photos, man. If the state gig doesn´t work out, you can always sell them.

BTW, what kind of camera did you end up with?

Patrick Dewey said...

Thanks man! I was definitely inspired when I saw you snapping away up in Spain.

Went with the Nikon d60. I may have stumbled onto a pretty expensive hobby, though. I'm already looking at new lenses =P

Still thoroughly enjoying your blog, btw.

TravelRN said...

Ahh, the age old problem of photographers. New equipment. Just wait until the lens start costing a couple grand, then it will be expenive.

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