Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pretty Things

If sociology were a science (if), it would have ways of demonstrating that online social networking utilities all trend toward higher levels of self-obsessed inanity. Facebook, for instance, started as a way for Ivy League undergrads to discuss their classes in a closed, online community. Now it's a forum to discuss which Twilight character your illiterate friends most closely resemble. Unfortunately, it's also the closest thing to a religious ritual that I have.

Spending four years 9,000 nautical miles from home can put considerable strain on personal relationships. Ask my last three girlfriends. But for a preponderance of the people I know, the amount of work required to maintain an open dialogue is almost negligible. Especially if dozens of people are going to read my 92-character status update. Between Facebook, and about two hours a week on AIM and Skype, you really don't lose a whole lot while you're away. Coming home and reintegrating myself into old social circles is nearly seamless. It just takes a little bit of conscious, persistent effort while I'm gone.

I'm hoping this blog becomes an extension of that. It's pretty obvious, I guess, but I want people who wonder "why the hell isn't Patrick answering his phone - what is that guy's problem?" to be able to answer their own question with a click. And hopefully I'll figure out the Blogger network a little better and keep up with friends' writing. [I'd highly recommend trying it, by the way. Even if you don't particularly enjoy writing, there will be people who read it. Also, it's cathartic. (I loves me the bad break-up blogs).]

On that note, you may have also noticed that this page no longer looks like something a teenager uses to write shitty poetry on.

Let's all keep in touch now, y'hear?


nasshi said...

WHY HELLO THERE. We shall be blog buddies, yes? You read my banter, I read your banter.

nasshi said...

By the way, post more often. I will make a conscious effort to do so as well.

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